My Gnomes

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Instead of Artist Trading Cards try Artist Trading Coins

I had a lot of fun doing these and others I failed to photograph.

The idea is the same as for ATCs. Demonstrate your artistic talent on a very small venue (in this case a 2½" circle). Quick and sometimes not so easy.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Alice Matchbook Mini Flip Book

I also made time to create a different version of the mini flip book I have had so much fun doing.
Essentially it is just a flip book with a cover resembling a matchbook.

The fun part is finding little treasures to tuck in for your swap partner. I still wish I could find my little corked bottles to use as the charm. (Usually I will find what I want the moment I have sent my project off in the mail. Must be one of Murphy's laws.)

More creating

I took that accordion book made from envelopes idea and developed it into a junk journal.

became this

 And continued on to become this
inside back cover and beyond

front cover and beyond

reverse side

I had a grand time creating this but next time I am going to see if I cannot tea stain everything and use more crinkly papers inside. I think the paperclips turned out so cute. Hope you do too.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Mending and Creating

Yeah I am back and doing both.

I had a scare with my thyroid but it turned out to be fat. Speaking of fat, I bought myself a Fitbit for my birthday and it has helped me loose 11 pounds. For me that is amazing. I have never had any success with diets over the years but my Fitbit gives me a nudge every hour to get up and move. I do not entirely obey but I do not entirely ignore either. Hurrah!!!! Something that finally works for me.

OK so that was the mending part and now for the creative.

I have joined a swap group that make Magpie Journals. They are journals full of all the flotsam and jetsam of day to day living. Quick and easy or as hard as you want to make them. That is what I love about them. 

Recently I began making small Magpie Journals from old envelopes I have no cards for. After adding a heavier front and back they make cute little accordion books just right for a quick swap. Here is my 1st.

I not only decorated the front surfaces but also the back. I hope this inspires someone to make their own journal.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Last 6 months

The last 6 months have been a doozy. It started with a diagnosis of Uterine Cancer Sept 19th and has ended in a Pulmonary Embolism and Deep Vascular Thrombosis Feb 13th.

That is extremely traumatic to a person who has been relatively healthy all her life. I can count the times that I have been in a hospital for myself other than delivering my children on one hand. It just seems so unreal.

I am hoping now that I am on the mend I can get back to creating cute and useful things. Until then....

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Magpie Journal

New one on me.....Magpie Journal.....never heard of one until I stumbled upon a swap for one. Always up for something new, I dove in.

Apparently a magpie is a bird that collects odds and ends, bits of the pretty and sometimes valuable things to decorate its nest, often stealing them from unsuspecting people. Magpies are not exceptionally pretty, but exceedingly intelligent.

Magpie Journals are junk journals with a fancy name. A hodgepodge of just about anything that is not truly garbage gathered together and stored in an book.

Well I didn't steal for my journal but I did collect a good bit of odds and ends. I also wrote, stamped and colored my pages.

I had to have my gnome to greet my partner. I think he is cute.

Jokes and a bit about me.

Since I started with a Smash Book™ I already had some pages with comments, prompts and such before I even began.
This was actually my 1st layout. No Magpie but at least a bird. 

The background print here added to the chaos. Loved it.

"Play Time" says it all.

A mixture of recipes.

The pages were printed with a calendar of sorts. I went with it.
Did you know August was Friendship Month? Neither did I, but I do now. How cool is that?

A picture of me and space for my partner's pictures.

Some pages I just added glitz and bling to the existing layout

When comparing my journal to others,
I seem to have a lot of open space.
My art work is like that too. 

The bouquet to the left opens to a scratch and sniff.
Just another dimension to my journal.

This and the next set of pages demonstrate I am not consistent in my open space.

By gluing pages together and making doors
 I added a bit of interaction.
 I would hate for my journal to be boring.
Then to say good bye I added another of my gnomes. Olav is a bit shy and has played peek-a-boo for some time.

This has been a long post, mostly pictures but, I hope you have enjoyed it. If you have any ideas for improvement or otherwise please drop a comment. Thanks.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Another Flip Book

As I said, I am fascinated with these little books and am finding more and more ways of making them. The latest is made from 4 handmade envelopes a fellow butterfly lover sent me.

front made of envelope #1

pocket side of #1 and front of #2 with flip down

same but with flip up
I added a few tags and/or die cuts to the pockets for the recipient to use as they see fit.

the pocket sides of #2 and #3
By tucking the flap of #2 into #1 and the flap of #3 into #4 I got 2 sets of pages. I then glued #1's flap to #4 and used #4's flap as my closure for the whole little book.

pocket of #2 and #4 plus the front of #3 showing with the flip down

same with the flip up

This project required at least 3 pockets and 2 flips.

the back which is actually the front of envelope #4

The envelopes used here were nearly square (about 4 x 4½) but realistically you could use any size you wanted to as long as you have 4.You could even use envelopes of different sizes as long as the smaller ones tucked into the larger. I do hope someone reading this tries some flip books of their own. (BEWARE they are addicting) Happy Creating!